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"Jesus set me free from food addiction. He can free you too"

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'Touching His Hem' is a short story about the woman who pushed through the crowds to touch the hem of Jesus's robe, so he could heal her (Mark 5:25-29, Luke 8:43-48  and Matthew 9:20-22). It may speak to you if you need help to push through obstacles to find freedom in your life.

Lynda is candid and humble in her approach...I wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker who can openly address subjects which many would prefer left hidden!"

Wendy Wilkinson, former Women's Pastor, St Aldates, Oxford

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There are many different things that worked together to help me find freedom from food addiction. I have compiled a list of books, CDs and websites that I found particularly helpful. If you would like to receive your FREE copy then please sign up to receive my monthly email newsletter, 'Seeking the Healer', in which I share teaching and insights from my own journey to freedom. I hope and pray they will speak the truth into your hearts enabling you to find the freedom you desire.


Once you have signed up you will be sent details of how to log into the 'free stuff' page of this website where you can download the list of resources. In addition, on the same page  you can download the free short story 'Touching His Hem'. 

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Being Known final A5 (563x800) (422x600) (281x400) He Never Let Go cover

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He Never Let Go

"I thoroughly enjoyed this; couldn't put it down in fact."

Michael Keen, Amazon reviewer