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"Jesus set me free from food addiction. He can free you too"

IMG_6665 Being Known final A5 (563x800) (422x600) (281x400) He Never Let Go cover


Lynda is candid and humble in her approach...I wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker who can openly address subjects which many would prefer left hidden!"

Wendy Wilkinson, former Women's Pastor, St Aldates, Oxford

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Being Known final A5 (563x800) (422x600) (281x400) He Never Let Go cover

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He Never Let Go

"I thoroughly enjoyed this; couldn't put it down in fact."

Michael Keen, Amazon reviewer



Seeking the Healer is a blog I have recently started sharing insights and thoughts to help you seek the Healer for yourself.

The series on the blog I am looking at people who met Jesus and discussing what we can learn from them.

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